Best vehicle to modify?

Which vehicles do you use to create a deathmobile or mobile base? I know I should use something with heavy frames, but not sure which vehicle I should look for.

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I really like starting with an APC if I can. 8 armored wheels are a great starting point, the 5x8 frame is about where I like my vehicles to be, sizewise, and it has a decent engine and military composite armor.

Humvees, military cargo trucks, and security vans/SWAT trucks are also good options.

But everyone’s deathmobile design is different, and you may want to start with a different frame depending on your goals.


Most anything big enough can make a decent mobile base,especially say a prequipped rv or luxury rv. side from basic amenities a lot of room for storage can save a lot of headaches.

Death mobiles can be more particular as you probably want it pre-armored, wheels NOT in the very front if you can help it. Deathmobiles can get too heavy to properly replace a wheel if it gets utterly totaled as I found out with my now scrapped Swat Van. Needed a 20 rating or 460 strength to try and put one on so needed a full on crane just to install a wheel. If you try to use an apc make sure you can solve for severe visibility problems, the default cameras on it are far too little to actually drive with. All armoured stuff has ups n downs, a mobile howitzer can sure help solve hulks though! No smashing needed if the base gun reduced the hulks body to splattered gore. Big gun are a nice plus. Roomy and armored too.


I usually start with RV. Saves a lot o time trying to find a kitchen unit and fridge in early game.

Current playthrough I use Humvee. But started with police car then Police SUV then Humvee. Diesel is a more rare fuel so I replaced its engine to be gasoline one of the same power. I even moved red and blue lights from Police SUV, because I got attached to them :slight_smile: Also a nice overhead lights option.

Every time I start a new game and promise myself to not end up being a total hoarder and just use camping equipment and trusty Harley Davidson… Every time I end up bored inside my Deathmobile…


I like the semi, as it has extra wheels and a bed and heavy frames already. But the humvee or security van work well too.

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Depends on how big you are planning on going and how much time you want to spend I guess, remember if you want 3 engines you’ll need either 12 in mechanics (iirc) or to start with a vehicle that already has 3 engines so you might consider starting with a tank and whittling it down to the size/shape you want. Time consuming but you’ll have lots of spare stuff to work with.

Whatever looks closer to you intended final design. APCs work for me.

Really anything built with heavy duty frames, and bonus if it has military composite armor plating. Atomic mini tank is my favorite, but finding one is a big if.

I like to start from scratch sometimes too. Heavy Duty Frames only take 8 minutes each to craft and metal is easy to find. I will start out with what is essentially a beefed up ATV and build around it from there.

I’m not picky. I like to go with what I work with; anything the size of a normal car or larger works for me. I like to slowly expand it outwards until it looks how I want it to. I try to avoid heavy-duty vehicles because I like having amphibious vehicles, and heavy-duty vehicles (especially APCs) are generally way, way too heavy to do that.

My current one started as a normal-sized car and turned into this over 69 in-game days. The cargo storage are cargo troughs from Aftershock, and the utilities are all from it too; the cooking rig, MetalMaster forge buddy, fridge, and freezer come from there. I’ve been slimming down my designs as much as possible to see how small I can get, and I’m pretty happy with this result.

My one rule is that I won’t use a Hatchback, Beetle, or any electric car as a base. The first two are far too small, and the second one is far too frail. Not worth it!

I level trees, build a longship, and sail down the river like a true Viking. Until I reach a bridge and weep.


If you have activated the “tanks” mod, the tanks will give you huge boost to start a mobile base :wink:

Humvee is usually a solid start, just get rid of the extra seat, add one welding rig and some cargo space and you are set.
But frankly the most satisfying so far was to star from a shoping cart.

put some wheels on your viking longship, make it amphibious, and drive around bridges =)

Oh my god. Does that actually work how it should now? I gotta get on that.

Proper amphibious vehicle support got merged at the end of 2018.

I must have missed that. I never even tried to make an amphibious vehicle after the first time. Well looks like it’s time to reboot my Viking playthrough.

Necro but, I so far have had the most success with souping up an IFV, it has a very generously sized interior once you take out the original interior boards and seating, has 60" treads (better than wheels) and it comes stock with a 30mm chaingun and a ATGM launcher.

For general usage, as a mobile forward operating base, I like the Sec Van. It’s not too big, and has enough room for my needs. I like to have some level of maneuverability, while still remaining protected.

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I tend to always build from scratch, starting with a heavy motorbike and beefing up from there.

In my first game that got past a few days, the smallish town I started next to had a hippy van, a mobile meth lab, an RV, a tour bus, a flatbed truck, an APC and 2 tanks (plus numerous misc cars & trucks). All but the tanks and misc stuff were driveable (or trivially repaired), so I had quite a choice. It looked like a used truck lot next to my evac shelter. I ended up going with the APC due to durability and size. The turret mounted .50 cal was also a very nice bonus.

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