Post Apocalyptic Car Show: Deathmobile Expo 2018

Alright folks, its time to show off every survivor’s pride and joy: Their deathmobile. Post a screenshot of your vehicle screen showing its stats, and tell us a little about it. Note any mods outside of those packaged with the experimental version which might have gone into its construction so other users can get it for themselves. To start, here is mine:

I’ve dubbed my deathmobile the Z-1 Abrams, and it started life as a tank I stumbled upon while looting a national guard base. It has been extensively modified, and now has a hybrid nuclear electric/solar power system composed of 4 reinforced upgraded solar arrays and 3 minireactors (for when you need all of the power, right now!). Power storage is in (4) storage battery arrays from Shard’s Misc. Mod. This storage comes in handy for long trips or when making heavy use of the various energy weapons mounted on the turret and hull. The (2) internal 200L tanks for gasoline (flamethrower fuel) and clean water are also from Shard’s Misc. Mod. Cockpit is surrounded by heavy duty stowboards to catch the various shells and belt links from the turrets above, and to obscure the driver from outside observers while sleeping. All exterior tiles are heavy duty quarterpanels to allow for line of sight for the turrets and cameras.

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Someone sure likes their Tanks with all kinds of shit in it! :stuck_out_tongue:

around 3500 Liters of cargo volume…not bad, but damn, that Mass. Also, 4 enhanced electric motors in order to move that thing? uff. Yeah, I can see why you need mini-reactors, solar alone wouldn’t do at all!
In my game, I just finished customizing a luxurious RV to better suit my needs. Currently starting to move all my crap over from my base and my cargo-car, so it’s currently a little bit emptier than usual.

So, what to say…I’m not using Shards mod (yet), so i don’t have access to the storage battery Array for example, but I was considering to download it in the future. I do have access to my private mod though, which adds Cargo Crates, with a little more Volume :stuck_out_tongue: It’s basically a Cargo space, but with a crate on top, it can hold some more stuff than the cargo space while still being able to be inside the car.
Otherwise. The outermost walls are all heavy duty frames with heavy duty boards on them, plus military composite armor plating. The Inside is mostly plated with military plating, couldn’t find enough stuff to make it all military plating though.
Let’s see…Oh, yeah, it is a halftrack vehicle. The back has rubber treads, the front uses steerable armored wheels. The Very front of the vehicle is cut off from the rest with aisle curtains, making it safe to be inside without being seen, while still making the place usable for storage. The Middle part is mostly the living part, like in the RV it was based on, with kitchen, sleeping place, table and so on ; the back was, before the modifications, the sleeping area, i changed that to a workshop area where i can put most of my stuff.

I may, or may not, switch to a Tank when I see an intact one. While I like the idea of having a nondescript RV driving to the countryside, with all everyone could ever need in order to survive, i like the idea of a tank doing the same even more xD Not sure i’d go through with it though.

Yeah every tile is a heavy frame, and all have composite armor plate, thats where most of the mass is coming from. But I like having a nearly indestructible vehicle that can survive a few “oopsies” while driving through cities relatively unscathed. Just unloaded my loot a few minutes ago and dropped about 3000 lbs off the weight lol. Having 48 upgraded solar panels REALLY takes the edge off of the power consumption though. I just installed 3 of them, and its really making a difference.

Yeah, that really helps increase my available storage volume by not having hundreds of gallon jugs of shit lying around. This way I can have my crafting ingredients, but also have space for looting. They are all away from the outer tiles too, so unless I get in a really bad wreck, they won’t get damaged and leak.

I noticed you are using a gas engine and an electric motor. Are you controlling them separately to use like a hybrid vehicle, or together? Aren’t there efficiency penalties for using different engine powers in parallel?

They are used separately, like a hybrid.
Basically, the RV in it’s current condition has a lot of basic solar panels, most of them reinforced, so they give a little bit less power. That, in connection with a lot of tech that needs battery (1 fridge, 1 freezer, 1 camera system, aisle lights, a washing machine, pretty much all the onboard crafting stations and headlights) made me worried that I could run out of battery power or don’t have enough to flee if a horde finds me while I’m recharging the car.
Luckily, the RV i based my vehicle on already had this Diesel Engine installed, with an alternator and everything, so I moved it and its tank around a bit, and kept it as an auxilliary engine, in case of emergencies. I can either activate it as second engine to give me a powerboost (giving me an acceleration of 23 km/h/t instead of 17, and a safe speed of 251 instead of 184km/h), or i could turn off the electric motor and drive on diesel alone, which still gives me 12km/h/t with a safe speed of 130, which is more than enough to drive away from a horde. Plus, the battery will be loaded up while I drive diesel only.
That, in connection with Diesel being actually craftable, felt like a good way of having a failsafe engine system, in case the electric one fails for some reason.
What can I say? I like redundancy.

Yeah, same here. That is partly why I have 3 microreactors. 1 was working just fine, but I had all this internal tile space and like a dozen of them sitting around, so I figured why not.

If I can find some more enhanced electric motors (I really lucked out on those atomic sports cars, haven’t seen any more since) I’m planning to add two more motors but keep them turned off, in case one of the others gets damaged somehow. Even if I turned them on, I’d never be able to haul ass out of danger; but I doubt I’ll ever really need to between all the armor and the amount of heat I’m packing. I’ve got another 30mm cannon sitting around in my garage and some miniguns and browning HMGs I could mount if I really needed more dakka for some reason, but I don’t like having them all mounted normally because without storage under them, the shell casings and precious uncraftable belt links will fall on the ground and be lost.