What mods to use with a clean install of the launcher

Hi guys, I noticed that the cdda launcher has not been updated since May and a lot has changed. A lot of the packs that you install are either already included or don’t lend themselves well to World Generation because of errors. I was wondering if anyone had a list of mods that one would install, that aren’t part of the game already, if someone wanted to “have it all”. I noticed that packs like NPC bases are not listed as part of it, does anyone use packs that aren’t included with the CDDA launcher that would be cool to have?


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Some of the mods linked in the launcher are different versions than the one included, like PK’s rebalance. But yeah i believe all the mods in the launcher are hard coded, since we dont exactly have a central database of mods to pull from, which makes updating the mods list tedious.

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At this point, creating a mod index outside the launcher, or providing new info to the launcher itself (via pull requests?) would be a great bet.

The conversations about the various stats through skills mods also come to mind. :wink: