Error when using mod downloaded via CDDA Launcher

I’m currently a new player since I played this game yesterday. But I don’t why I’ve so much error. I downloaded some mods via the CDDA launcher, and certain of these mods were already installed in my game. I don’t understand. Help me ! I’m not playing with a ton of mods, just a few of them (Cataclysm++ / CRIT expansion mod / Packaging / SpeedyDex / Stats Through Kills and Skills / No needs for NPC ), but I can’t play because of some errors. It’s really annoying and I’m confused and lost.

Downloading mods through the launcher is a bad idea because they will typically not kept up to date since it’s up to the mod authors or random users to give the person who made the launcher the new versions. You’re better off trying to find where the mods are actually hosted and ignoring that tab other than to find the names of certain mods.

Oh okay ! Thanks, i’ll try that.