Removing Railings?

Is there anyway to remove Railing in cathedral?
I blow some walls and start building Palisade gates to make awesome garage :smiley:
but this railing in this building is problem. my Motorbike can’t past through it.
I just checked ramming the railing with car works, but is there any other way?
Explosive, building wall on it, Deconstruct won’t work

Have you considered (s)mashing it, as you would a window? I haven’t tried before but I imagine it could work.

Yes, I tried that too. but it said ‘There’s nothing there!’

Explosives. Fire. Cars. I think ramming it with a bike would work.

I use dynamite and doesn’t work. Fire that’s not i tried but maybe it works. Car ramming is that i tried and it works. But bike seems not work. high speed ramming maybe works but i didn’t try.

In the spirit of scientific enquiry, I tried setting light to a church railing with mini flamethrower. The square burned for quite awhile, but the railing was intact after it went out.

I’ve also tried prying with crowbar, snipping with bolt cutters, slicing with hacksaw or wood saw, and chopping with hatchet, to no effect.

You can always try the J hammer, if you can find one. :slight_smile:

Anyone made a bug report, then?

Yea this sounds like a bug… checked, and it is. Basically when we add a piece of terrain or funrinture, we need to add a way to destroy it to certain functions, and that didn’t happen with railings.

I always wonderd why i couldn’t remove the railings next to a highway, I tought it would be a good source of metal, but this explains it.

I think that we should get maybe a few pipes if we deconstruct it. Sounds right yeah?

Sounds right - maybe 2-3 per square, a cross-piece and 1-2 uprights. That or scrap metal.