How do you remove side walk?

I’ve tried to jack hammer it several times, tried deconstructing it, tried building a wooden wall on it and then destroying that, but to no avail. Any tips?

debug. debug never changes. :3


Really? Well if thats the only way. Guess i’ll go over the side walk once with my jack hammer and then debug it out for realism.

Seems a bit silly to have no way to remove such tiles.

Well you can’t make wood floors so derp.

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Really? wtf…I never make a base but thats just silly…putting it nice >_>

We need real estate agents in the cataclysm.

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Have you tried a pickax?

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Will a mini nuke do it?

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I tried the jack hammer. I figured they did the same thing just different speeds, I will try it though.

I’d rather not nuke the side walk next to my base.

What are you trying to do, expand the shelter walls, plant a farm, other?

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Just place posts and put up a barbed wire fence. I ended up just debugging it but I’d rather have a legit way to build there or be able to convert the tile to a buildable tile.