Removing barricades from outside

I removed a barricade’s nails from outside with a hammer. This seems silly.

Well what if it was boarded up from the outside (Worst way to ever board up btw)?

Cata can’t tell that I don’t think. So dun think about it.

Maybe you’re pushing the barricades from the back and then removing the nails from them afterwards? That said this is a necessary evil due to the way Cata handles spaces (no front/back/sides) so unless there is a pressing reason to fix this for some reason it’s unlikely ever to be fixed.

Maybe your just pushing the nails out by hammering the points?

when you say barricade, do you mean a boarded up window or door?
If so they have ample cracks for you to pry at using a standard claw hammer.
If it’s an issue we could use the same system as the locked house doors, it checks if you’re standing outside when you attempt the action.

I meant a boarded up window, yeah. But fair enough! Maybe one day this’ll be trackable, but it’s not a big deal right now. >__>