Removing parts from vehicle instead removes them from nearby wreckage

Running experimental ad5116c SDL on Windows 8.

From the looks of it that experimental is like 20 days old. Can you replicate this in the latest experimental?

I’ve seen something similar, but that happened when:

  1. Wreckages were spawned overlapping each other.
  2. Another part of the car was destroyed while you were removing something.

Just downloaded and overwrote my game files with the very latest, teleported back to the spot where those cars were and the bug still works. Here’s a copy of the world:

Based on the screenshot gif (very helpful BTW, thanks), it looks like the vehicles were overlapping, which is the real problem here. My guess is that you approached from one direction which created one of the vehicles, then approached from another direction and it created the other vehicle overlapping the first. Our systems can’t handle overlapping vehicles which is why it acts odd.