Destroy_vehicle can't find it! sm=0 Press Spacebar

First of all, no amount of pressing spacebar will get rid of that message :stuck_out_tongue:

Been playing the latest SDL Build, and I keep getting it in Cities, that said I’ve never made it out of a city… It may occur elsewhere…
Okay, turns out it happens with last nights build too.

Can always hold down the spacebar… :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh I just had this one. It’s a game-breaker.

Actually, no. As was already stated, no amount of pressing or holding the spacebar will make the game respond after this message pops up.

I believe this is fixed now, it had to do with changes to how cars spawned, now instead of not spawning on top of each other, they do, but they’re merged together into a misshapen “vehicle wreck”, so it looks like there were car accidents all over the place.
If it happens again with the latest builds please let us know.

This (I hope) is referring to, which was (hopefully) fixed by .

Basically, the Wreckage vehicle that was created had the wrong submap coordinates, so as the debug message says, destroy_vehicle couldn’t find the specified vehicle.

I can tell from the fact that the vehicle’s name is not included in the debug message that you have the version from before that PR was merged, so update and it should be fixed.

Yup, Jenkins #305 here does the same thing. Could not continue the game - but it hasn’t freezed, hasn’t it? It didn’t even fill the mouse buffer (ok, you had to like hold the ESC for a couple of secs because of the mouse hide opt ON) but it was hard to stop executing through any further input

… I had only a few minor DEBUG notes prior, and all were presskey-resolved easily.

Again, since it has the old debug message, I can tell that you don’t have the version where it was fixed.

Now, if it does this in a version where the debug message says “destroy_vehicle can’t find it! name=Wreckage sm=0 Press Spacebar…” THEN we are in big trouble.

Theoretically, because it keeps trying to place the wreckage on top of the original vehicle (which was never removed) it should cause an infinite loop that no amount of spacebar-mashing should escape from. Ultimately, because it’s making recursive calls, it should cause a stack overflow and kill the game with a segmentation fault.