Removing a wall changes the "transport" area of a stairs

I removed a south facing wall on a dense urban building and going up the stairs now teleports me to another set of stairs to the west a few spaces away. The west stairway works as expected, but now the “new” stairway does some weird teleportation.
Reloading the save I tried drilling out a north western wall to see if this caused a repeated result, and oddly enough it did the same behaviour as the previous deconstruction.
Update: removing walls not connected to the stairs also causes the same result for another set of stairs on the second floor, as well as causing stairs underneath it to dissapear

You didn’t specify any game version, so you mean that this does happen in the stable release 0.E-3?

Removing walls can lead to upper floors collapsing and destroy wooden stairs. Remaining stairs will still allow you to move up/down, but place you on the next available spot instead (sometimes even result in characters falling down a floor again).

i’m using the latest edition in the launcher

The problem is that now, since I was away for a day, the “latest” version (or “edition”) is no longer the one you have. Please always be specific about the version. Also additionally post a list of active mods.

In the launcher, as well as on the tile screen after you launched the game (and in the window name if you play in windowed mode) there’s a version identification. It’s easily found and quickly typed and saves us some headache.
Alternatively the better thing to do would be to load up your world, press ESC → [9] Debug Menu → [i]nfoGenerate game [r]eport and include it (paste it) in the bug report.

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