Falling Off Stairs - Molerat Problems or a Bug?

So in my game I’ve been trying to climb the stairs out of a basement and every time I try the game gives me a message that I may be unable to return back down the stairs. When I accept and try to go up I stay exactly where I was and the game tells me I’ve fallen a floor taking upwards of 100 dmg and damaging all my clothing. Every time I try the same thing happens and I’m starting to run out of medicine and supplies in this basement.

I killed a giant naked mole rat that was tunneling near the stairs. The stairs are still there and seem to be fine, but did the molerat somehow break them? Is it some kind of bug?? And most importantly, is there anyway I can get out of this forsaken basement???

It’s possible that the molerat collapsed the floor (or stairs) above it, hence the message (as in: the stairs are missing and you falling through the missing floor down a level).

If you turn on Experimental 3D field of vision in the Debug tab of the options and than look above, you might see if the floor’s missing.

It’s possible, but with that digging molerat it’s reasonable to assume that it collapsed the floor, so probably no, not a bug.

Unless you can position multiple furniture in the basement so that you can climb through the hole in the floor (or you have a grappling hook or step ladder on you that you can place and use), or dig into a basement nearby, or dig or build a stair upwards or construct a roof tile on the collapsed one… you probably will not be able to escape the basement (at least not without cheating or using the debug menu).

There’s a method that could work, but it might backfire. If there’s still enough structural integrity to support the (no longer existing) floor, if you save and leave the game, it might “repairs” the floor on reloading. However, while I was able to climb through the floor with a stair that ended in the floor itself once, it’s possible that this was fixed some time ago… and that doing that would prevent you from climbing out using furniture or other ways…
Also, if you haven’t saved yet, you could “savescum”; exit the game without saving (kill it with the task manager or similar methods like ALT+F4) and reload the last place you’ve saved the game at…

Oooo, yeah it looks like the staircase above was destroyed. Oh well. This basement will be as good a tomb as any for my poor underprepared churl.

On the bright side, I had no idea the 3D field of vision was a thing! Learn something new everyday. Thank you so much for the response and the help!

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