Stairs down turned into ladders up

Using the latest experimental, loaded my save today and the stairs to basements have turned into ladders. Pressing down doesn’t do anything, pressing up gives the following error message (and I have to kill the game): Error: tried to generate map for omtype, “nothing” (id_mapgen ).
It is a world I transfered from an earlier build (a week old) but I ran it yesterday without any trouble.

Thank you.

yeah it happened to me too, you’re going to have to start a new game. from time to time savegames simply aren’t compatible across experimentals.

I was afraid that was going to be the case, that’s too bad. I wanted to try some of the newer features but it’s my first game and I’ve finally managed to fix up some vehicles and get some electricity going, I’m not ready to give up on that yet. The save seems to revert back to the original build fine so it all ended well.

good to hear. every time i download a new experimental i copy/paste the old one to a special folder specifically for older experimentals. that way if the new one is bugged to death or i simply can’t download it for some reason i can still play.

My stairs turned into mechanical winches when this happened. Curious that it’s not consistent.

(Also, all the bushes turned into stained glass windows)

yeah i got the stained glass window trees too. and for me it was steel doors turning into stairs up.

so basically this is a Roguelike, you should get used to having to start over often, either because of dying alot or new updates. if you don’t want to have to start over because of new experimentals then consider waiting until the next stable release which promises to be pretty much bug free and have a lot of content, and sticking with that.

Thanks for the bug reports, people.

Download the latest experimental and try again. Kevin bumped the map version number, which SHOULD fix it. If it didn’t tell us.