Suicide by stairs!

Yo, you can walk UP stairs that go down and end up in limbo! And then you walk around and you fall down to the level you were before, eventually. Damage received ~40.


build 41 didn’t fix it! I still walk up a downstairs tile and fall to the basement for 90 damage. Nice.

Can’t replicate. Need save, screenshot of before/after or at least instructions to replicate.

Man, I warned you about stairs, dawg.

But more importantly, I’m curious as to whether this save was carried over from a previous version. I’ve seen some weird mapping shenannigans in much older (but successive-version) save transplants. Might also be relevant, couldn’t hurt to know.

Died, new save, no stair bullshit. - 2 dayz ago. thanks for support.

This has happened to me, though I dont’t take damage because I’m too swole. Maybe don’t use experimental z-levels or refrain from walking up stairs that go down and defying gravity?

I’ve got a save with this bug. I started this character in experimental 4001 or so, I’m playing in 4008 now. Load up Cannon Falls, only one character. He is standing on a downward stairway into a lab, Press < and you will get a dialogue about climbing up, apparently onto the nearby wall. The oddness really kicks in if you walk around a bit, try going east a couple squares. I fell down 2 levels to the 1st underground level of the lab. I’m not sure this is even a problem with the climbing code, rather a problem with there being no ceiling to keep you down and no floor once you get on top of the bunker. The falling through the ground to the basement thing is bad thing though.

Upon loading there will be a lot of invalid terrain errors, just space through. I’m using a lot of mods

edit: I did a bit of testing. If you go into the room north of the stairs you start on and stand in one of the corners by the counter, you are also able to climb on the roof of the bunker, which takes you to the blank sky land, in which walking around will lead to falling through the ground level to the underground lab below. It seems like this is a problem with being able to get to a place with no floor that people only really notice when on some stairs.

edit2: This can be reproduced fairly easily without the use of stairs. Start a default character (evac shelter start) in experimental 4008. Give yourself enough strength to move a locker, I had 12 when I did this. Walk to the nw corner of the shelter and drag the locker out of the corner. Stand in the spot the locker was and press <. Pick 1 to climb northwest. This will bring you to the all blue ‘sky world’ which is simply what the world looks like with no terrain. Walking northwest will drop you to the ground outside the shelter, walking southeast will drop you back where you started. You can south or east the length of the shelter even though you can’t see what you’re walking on. I wasn’t able to reproduce falling through the floor to the basement though. That’s in the savefile.

Time to add a roof to every building!

It’s needed doing for awhile now. I’m focused on something else right now though. Volunteers?

All it is is designing a 32x32 floorplan that goes above instead of below, jaa?

Ive had my own fun with zlevels. Such as how metal bars seem to have df-style rooves, and falling into a ledge at the missile silo, and et.

Id love to look at it. But each one would have to be customized to each floorplan.