Enemy types toggle-able in options

Simple suggestion(s)

  1. tie spawn multiplier to a number in options .txt - allow players to tweak difficulty for different types of play

  2. put a list of enemy types in options .txt with a 0 or 1 flag to turn them on/off. I would like to disable a bunch of the non-canon zombie apoc stuff like triffids, fungaloids etc but can’t really do this at the moment without delving into code.

Seconding this. I’ve had dreams of a brute & hulk only world and trying to survive the challenge.


For now you should try that. It removes special infected (aside from fast (slowed down to be around your speed) and brutes (renamed athletic zombies)), but it also removes a large amount of non zombie monsters, like aforementioned triffids and fungaloids.

It’s probably not exactly what you’re after, and chances are that you’ve seen it before, but it’s the only thing I can think of to give you what you want quickly.

Sorry if this wasn’t what you’re after!

  1. I mentioned yesterday to one of the devs that an option should be added for a zombie spawn amount (1x for normal game, .5x for half spawn numbers, .25x for fewest spawn numbers, 1.5x for 50% more zombies, and I guess 2x for double the zombies!) and it was said to be a pretty easy addition. Hopefully that gets added to the next release :stuck_out_tongue:
  2. Probably best to go with CZS for now via the link Pallbearington gave, at least for now. It would be interesting to have an option similar to Defense Mode that lets you cherry pick the spawns you want but not sure if/when that might be added to the standard game.

I like all the sci-fi stuff and making myself into a cyborg… just not the aforementioned mobs