Reloading tools

It would be convenient if you could reload your tools from items that are in adjacent tiles, like if you are using a sewing kit and a tile next to you has a pile of thread and when you pressed r it would reload from the tile near you instead of having to place the thread into your inventory first. Same with reloading tools that use batteries and gas.

well it could be done, not sure about problems it might cause if any, but exceptions would be liquid and gases as they would need to be in a container first and the game doesn’t allow you to pick up liquid items (not sources) on the ground.

but with funnels liquids would still be doable?

funnels only allow you to harvest liquids that are dropping from above (rain) not already spilt/poured on the ground.

A little off topic but you should be able to pick up liquids with the use of a mop. You can’t (to my knowledge) but it would be cool for when I pour my can of gas on the ground by accident.

It really depends on the size of the amount spilled. Every one unit of liquid (200 if you are talking gasoline), is only 250 mL (~1 cup). Even with a mop or something similar, it’s going to be very difficult to retrieve any kind of liquid from a tile that only had 1 cup of liquid spilled on it.

The only way I can think of getting that out of a mop again would be with one of those mop buckets with a wringer built in, like janitorial staff use. Even then, yeah. Sponges would work better, but the second you spill fuel on anything that isn’t a hardwood floor it’s still going to soak away :frowning:

There should be an electronics mod that increases the efficiency of battery powered tools, so they require less batteries to get shit done.

(I’d plug that mod into my MP3, infinite tunes!)

Could go as far as a portable shop-vac which you could use to pick up liquids for like 1/2 the amount you dropped (module two stuff on the ground to prevent 1:1 sucking).

Maybe we could go with a pesticide sprayer for major damage on insects (could open a venue for monster-biased weapons), and maybe a welder+sprayer+gasoline can be a single-puff flamethrower, reloads with gasoline or batteries. (maybe even have dual ammo weapons like that)