Picking up spilled liquids

Hi Folks!

Reddit being down is a real charlie horse in my butt when trying to find answers for my 100 questions when playing the game lol.

Okay so,

I thought I remember reading that someone figured out how to pick up spilled liquids on the ground using a bathtub or a hole in the ground.

I’m trying to pick up an enormous amount of gas spilled in a parking lot.

Is Anyone familiar with any of these? Do I just place the bathtub over the spilled liquid and BAM free juice? I think you had to use closing doors to move the liquid around until it falls into a hole?

Any other ideas?

Well thats cheesy. You could probably still abuse liquid removal mechanics by building a container over a liquid or some such, but there should be an item to do it instead. IRL to remove spills you use a rag, or if you have it - a liquid vacuum cleaner. Spilled gasoline would still be dirty and not suitable for machinery but good enough for molotovs or some such.

The post I saw talked about using the recess terrain feature that spawns naturally to pick up gasoline. You can’t make a recess though, it can only spawn. They had managed to trap a gasoline zombie in a 2 space area where it could walk back and forth spilling gas into the recess and you could scoop it up into a container.

They theorized a bathtub may work but when I had saw the post no one had tested it yet. I don’t know if moving a bathtub over the liquid allows you to pick it up.

I’m afraid you’re misremembering. The post you’re talking about was a later version of the design. The bathtub was an earlier, less practical version of the design. Bathtubs cannot be moved or constructed, and the whole setup had to be built around a naturally spawned (or debug spawned) bathtub.

Ah I see, the post I saw was quite new and talked about using the naturally spawning recesses