[RELEASE] Wehrmacht Pride [VERSION 0.2]

I have been wanting to start on a mod revival project were in old forgotten mods are revived to be played again in the experimental.

And don’t forget a Wz. 35 too. o3o

arisaka with anti-aircraft sights.

Now if only we had a weapon flag that make it more effective against flying enemies. Plus that way we could give it to bows for a Fire Emblem mod. o3o

Now I want that to be a thing! augh, my shitty programming skills!

Said to someone that tends to cause the source code to catch fire whenever I touch it. ;w;

At lest you have the skill to make things work eventually.

Now back to the topic, should we revive this mod and add a bunch of WW2 stuff?

Sorely tempting. We might need more modders who have a similar attention to detail regarding adding various bits of equipment for the different countries. Maybe can pester Artyom who seems to have a good grasp on Russian weaponry at least, though their expertise seems more modern and weapon-specific.

We can use the current items a reference and just modify them to be country specific to our needs. But yes, more people might be needed.

Probably, yes.

Also, no tanker’s chocolate? o3o

Seems pretty standard, if tanks are a thing in this mod then just add it in.

Since this thing predates tankmod, I doubt it.

Still, given the game’s love of booze and drugs and varieties thereof, it’d fit right in. o3o

I await to see what becomes of this if anything at all.

Do it.

Zor hasn’t posted anything in a while. Last post was Sept. 15.

As I suspected. Good reason to reclaim it and broaden its scope. owo

Do it :V

It’s not dead just yet. :wink: Still working on it from time to time. (Yes, I know the necropost is over 120 days old. But it’s /my/ mod.) Wondering what I should work on first. Heavy weapons? SS? Fallschrimjager? So many options.

Oh, nice. I think general weaponry should do for now.


this. I can approve