CDDA (change point of history)

im starting this to see what you guys would think about being able to start a game during a world war or some other time period.

What do you mean?Having zombie apocalypse with technology from choosen point of history?

as in a total rehaul of the map and items available. such as ww1 trenches or medieval castles also changing the garb of zombies such as ww1 gear on soldier zombies or medieval armor. also limiting vehicles or adding horses.

This is a totally awesome idea for a mod.

if some one could look into making this into a mod it would be very much appreciated.

We could also go back in history and completely change the select event of, say, the cause of the cataclysm.

Actually no, because that would be canonically ruinous and pointless from a gameplay standpoint.

If you want a WWII game, go play a WWII game.