Release schedule

Hi all, now that it’s been long enough since the 0.B release that thinking about it doesn’t make me cringe, it’s time to think about the release schedule.

The delay before releasing 0.B was way too long for various reasons, so I’d like to go back to more frequent releases.
I’d like feedback from people doing translations because I don’t want to make things too hard for you.

The minimum time between releases from my point of view is about a month, would that work for translations, or is that period too short?
I’m not committing to releasing at that date, but I can commit to that being the earliest that I’ll release.

In my humble opinion I think that we should make use of a little more time…i speack for the italian translation of course.

Theorically it would be fine either way, releasing a version every month or a single one in 6 months yield the same number of stuff to translate.
But, I have noticed that some entries on Transifex are duplicated (batteries, cents etc.) is listed once in every file (master/0.9/0.A), that meaning we have to manually insert the same translation in every file.
It would be best to choose a longer release cycle to circumvent this problem.

Also take into account the amount of features you devs introduce and fix prior to the next release.

Will be 0.B branch on github? I need it.

As a German translator, I am okay with it.

it is: GitHub - CleverRaven/Cataclysm-DDA at 0.B-branch