Regarding Wreckage Clearance, and other popups

Quick question. Is there any way to expedite the clearance of wreckage? Possibly temporarily turn off that damned annoying Y/N popup (that requires a capital Y, no less)? I don’t want to end up with carpal tunnel syndrome just because I need to forge a lot of stuff, and this system is annoying the hell out of me. Any way to change it, to make acquiring steel require less button presses per tile?

You can change the Y/N prompt to accept lowercase y/n as well by changing the second interface option in the options menu.

As for expediting the clearance of wreckage, I don’t I understand what you mean.

Ah, thanks much. I just meant that cleaning stuff up was taking far too long, with too many key presses per tile cleared. My god, that’s so much easier.

While we’re at it, the sound indication for when you’re butchering? It needs changed.

*Hostiles are nearby! Start butchering anyway? (y/n)

*Heard a noise! Stop butchering? (Y)es, (N)o, (I)gnore further distractions and finish.

Super annoying when you’re trying to butcher house zombies and there’s a party going on in a nearby car.

or you could pulp them. I think experimental already has 1 button pulping.

God I hate car parties.

Enhanced hearing is the worst bionic ever.

For that matter, in the experimental I’m using (probably outdated), the confirmation for destroying an object you are wearing or wielding is based on an input of “1” or “2” rather than y or n. Really annoying when you are cutting up sheets.

Sufficent use of explosives solves most problems.

so does fire

Okay, I’m using the experimental build from the frontpage. What’s that about one button pulping?

Stand next to corpse or pile of corpses, do 's’mash and chose the direction to the corpses. You will repeatedly smash the corpses until they’re a bloody mess on the floor, and will not revive. This is much faster than butchering.

Can we get this to apply to things like furniture/doors/windows?Rather than spam s + direction.

Could be, the thing is corpse pulping is guaranteed to work within a relatively short amount of time, smashing down a door not so much, so we need to adjust it to use the framework where you can be interrupted etc.

Totally doable, just a little more work, and it’s probably the right way to do. The question then becomes, do we always make 's’mash be “smash until something breaks”, or is there a reason to still have, “just hit it once”? I’m leaning toward the first, but I’m not totally sure.

I would like the ability smash once without triggering the shortcut but if you smash the same object again in the following you should auto smash the object. To minimize the o damn i smashed my loot locker instead of examining it moments. Also smashing doors a single time is a good way to know if there are zombies inside the room even if the usefulness of the knowledge is limited (they are surely bashing that door on the next turns whenever you want it or not).

Smash as noise generation, good point, I’ve done that but didn’t think of it. So that’s at least one important use case where you don’t want to smash until destroyed.

Hmm, I really like the “prompt to repeat until done if you do the same (repeatable) action twice” concept, this could also apply to e.g. reading or crafting. I think we generally track what the previous action was, so this might actually be really simple to implement.

Regarding cars, motorbikes and wrecks - Why can’t a vehicle get a refill if there’s a container with enough gasoline and a hose in my inventory? Being able to stick batteries in the vehicle’s internal one only doesn’t make much sense to me.

The game tracks which tank you are filling with gas. Make sure you are highlighting the square with a non-full gas tank and you’ll get the fill option. You don’t even need a hose.