Are you sure you want to push that button?

Are you really sure? Y/N?

Why does everything, everything, EVERYTHING NEED a context menu? Is there some way I can disable this at least as a mod or something? there doesn’t appear to be any kind of “quick” way to do anything anymore, everything requires confirming you’re absolutely, positively, without a doubt really, really, really sure that you really, really want to press that motherfucking button.

there is I think look in options

its called confirm Y/N or some thing


its in



Force Y/N in prompts


Damn it ok I am wrong (whats new) it just prevents Y/N being case sensitive :frowning:

[quote=“stk2008, post:2, topic:4859”]there is I think look in options

its called confirm Y/N or some thing


its in



Force Y/N in prompts[/quote]

Not what I mean, it’s the whole Oh, there’s a vehicle here? Do you want to search it, fix it, use the welding rig? etc crap. XD

Yeah sorry chap I see that now :frowning: I have edited me last post :frowning:

Yeah, I agree, examinig some tiles can be somewhat annoying (grabbing something under the a tile that has a filled Rv kitchen for example, problem is that I don’t think we can really streamline it anymore.

We’ve been looking at the potential of rolling some of this stuff into menus, so instead of it going “do you want to A?”, “do you want to B?”, “Do you want to C?” it’ll just pop up with a menu where you can choose between A, B, and C.

Okay what’s the difference here? Because right now it’s either “Are you sure y/n” or “PICK AN OPTION” and it really slows down game play when every third thing I try to do asks me if I want to do. Would it be possible at all do mod the game so that rather than pressing the button, then pressing another to get to the screen you want to have a ‘quick action’ button of some sort? Ideally doing whatever would be listed first in the interaction menu, then a second that opens the interaction menu rather than having to hit the interaction menu every time I want to check what tile I’m storing something in my vehicle?

The difference is this:

Currently when using examine on a car square:

  1. Would you like to get things from the Kitchen unit? Y/N
  2. Would you like to get a drink? Y/N
  3. Would you like to use the burner? Y/N
  4. Get things from under the car? Y/N

New method:

  1. Menu opens with things 1-4 that you can select from. 2 Button presses, instead of 4-5. Or alternatively just ‘Button’+Enter, since our current menu format can actually remember what you did last, and will start with that selected.

That said most popups are things that you would want to confirm on. Do you really want to drop your hammer of awesomeness +25 in the middle of the fight to pick up that tissue paper on the ground and wield it? How about putting on that worthless heavy armor you just picked up ontop of your other normal armor since you don’t have room to carry it? Do you really want to jump from the car going 200 mph? Do you really want to step into that lava? How about step onto that easily visible land mine?

The main big things that I can think of that are annoying with Y/N prompts:

  1. Smoke and other hazards when you have sufficient equipment to protect you still prompt you. - This is due to the way protection is calculated and is something we’ve been looking at fixing for a while.
  2. Grabbing several more items then you can carry. - Ideally this would say “You can’t carry that much, Wield/Wear something?” and would offer you a list of items that didn’t fix that you could either carry or wear, essentially replacing several Y/N prompts with a single menu.
  3. If multiple options are available for a single task (such as examining a vehicle, or getting water from a toilet) the game prompts you 3-4 times for each option in succession. - This is exactly what I’m talking about above, and would be replaced by a single menu that contains all of your options for a task, rather then several Y/N prompts.

Because you can’t exactly make button tasks more specific then things like “close”, “open”, or “examine”, because we: 1) don’t have enough buttons (We don’t even have enough buttons for a “quick” and a “normal”, and that’s only going to get worse with time as we add more things you can do), and 2) nobody really wants to have to memorize a button for taking water out of a toilet, and a separate button for drinking out of a sink.

Like really what do you want, either its the way Iam2roy says, its the way your complaining about, or its the game deciding what you want to do just because you didn’t want a prompt. At least thats the way its coming off to me, if I’m missing the point please explain.

What’s bothering me is what used to be “press e, pick a direction” has turned into “press e, pick a direction, figure out which prompt is appropriate”

Having played with it for awhile now it’s not as bad as I initially felt but it’s still a bit much IMO.