Regarding radioactivity

Hi all i´m fairly new to the game but have learned the basics and managed to survive for a week. It´s is an awesome game

My last character had the severe radioactivity trait and as a indirect result of that he died. Now when i go back with my new character to places he has been to, i get irradiated. And every now and then i get irradiated for seemingly no reason.

For how long does this radioactivity that my other character spawned last?
And is it possible for him to radiate unto tools, weapons, comestibles, or can i go back to his hideout and get all that juicy stuff?
And lastly does iodine tablets negate the effects of radiation?

I think Iodine pills are the meds you’re looking for. I am not sure how radiation spreads though. I know there are some places that are irradiated (use a geiger counter to be safe).

Also, if STALKER has taught me anything, a healthy dose of vodka should also help.

Haha, i´ll keep that in mind.
I will start chugging down those iodine pills then, whenever i can find them then that is. Would make it easier if i can get my hands on a geiger counter too.


Would be interested to know more about these random bits of radiation. Hoping the Severe Radioactivity didn’t carry over to the new character.

(Craters can be radioactive; unmarked craters theoretically always are, but I’m not sure how to recognize one. Toxic dump sludge is, but the dumps themselves need not be.)

Iodine increases the rate that you shed radiation; I don’t think inventory/items can be radioactive.

good luck man, Geiger counters are rare as hell. I’ve found them on scientist corpses before, but as long as you stay away from craters (I’ve circled huuuuge craters in about an hour, combing them for springs) and usually get away scott-free. Last time I didn’t though, ended up with little wing stubs.

Iodine pills are pretty rare too really. Can’t remember where I found them last though, either a grocery, pharmacy or house bathroom.

Must be a version thing? Iodine is fairly common in Labs, but those seem to be reduced as the new versions keep coming.

Ah, labs too then. I’ve not explored labs that much (I’m a bit of a miser about spending flashlight batteries for misc cleaning chems and usually when I luck out with a fresh batch of scientist corpses that means I’ve missed out on grabbing the few rifles I need for killing turrets) but yeah, I remember getting some from there too. Think I found some in a mansion bathroom once too.

I’ve had good luck chucking rocks at turrets at nighttime*. Figure about 10 rocks/turret at Throwing 1 or so. You can generally get the rocks back afterward, too.

*Very important detail, that. Range 7, 6 if you’re careful. Anything closer and you’re getting shot.

Night Vision helps immensely for Lab work. High-level Cooking (6-9) makes bleach & ammonia surprisingly more useful.