Refugee center seems to spawn infinitely far away!

–For that last character or two I’ve had, the refugee center has spawned so far away, that I can spend literally 5 minutes moving in its direction on the world map and it doesn’t show up. Ya, I’m not going to that. It definitely seems like it’s a bit of a bug to be made that far away.

I’ve had this happen to me a couple times. But I just went along with and thought “well I guess I’m organ trailing this thing”. It might be a bug it might not be but either way I just saw it as a challenge.

I think it’s fair, find a car with a good engine and battery + a rubber hose and you’ll be there in no time

How far away is it? I’ve had them spawn 700+ units away, winding through like 20 towns.

–Easily that far away, if not more. I was like: “Ya, I’m not going to survive that long.”
–Be there in ‘no time?’ That seems highly unlikely. I did find a good car and a rubber hose, but then a sudden horde appeared in front of me. I didn’t have enough time to back up in the somewhat large vehicle, so I just crashed and messed up the car (it wasn’t meant for war, you see?). I died in the escape attempt.

It’s definitely not a bug, It’s always been random like that at least as far as I can remember. I did feel the same way as you when I first started getting interested in the shelter but like most things in this game, the more you play the easier it is to work around the challenges the RNG throws at you. Also even when it is super far away, it really does seem like “no time” once you start moving towards it, just travel light and always keep going, only stopping to sleep and get food/water. If big hordes are a problem just keep out of towns, might take longer but the wilderness has plenty to offer to keep you alive, just always remember to shout at the aggressive animals!

How many mods that add buildings do you have activated?

The Refugee Center is one of several special buildings, so with mods adding more, it makes it less likely for it to spawn close.

Perhaps it’s priority should be touched upon so it spawns closer more frequently.

–What building mods? I don’t use any. Isn’t the refugee center the place you find the location from by checking a computer in the evac shelter regular survivors spawn in? Or am I an idiot and named it wrong?

So you’re not using More Buildings, National Guard Camp, Tall Buildings nor Urban Development; nor are you using less obvious ones like Bright Nights or Pisskop’s Rebalance or whatever it’s called now?

You are right that the refugee center is the place you find through the evac center. What I’m saying is the more “stuff that can spawn in the map” you have, the less likely it is that it will be close.

Nope, I have literally none of those mods on. Maybe due to the high city size it makes it further away? I don’t recall the exact amount I set cities to be, but the distance between them is set to 5.

Might be your city settings. I remember a guy from a while back that had endless city settings and he did a video showing his multiple week trek from his starting location to his refugee center. It was awesome.

I currently play with mods, but previously did not. I’ve never seen a refugee center, even after playing for months. They always spawn very, very far away (it’s hard to find them, exactly, as it takes SO long to pan that far across the map.

It always just made me shrug. I’m sure there’s stuff I’d enjoy, but I’m content to just play the game rather than chasing that lead.

–That’s more or less me. There is plenty of other content in the game, you don’t need to go to the refugee center or anything. Usually, I set that as a super vague future goal at some point in the end might not actually happen.

I find that 90% of the time, by the time I’ve achieved enough of my other goals to contemplate going to the refugee center (established clean food and water, have adequate transportation, have a way to get a vehicle through a forest tile, etc) that there’s nothing particularly interesting at the refugee center.

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How the heck do you do that? Really, how do you get a vehicle through a forest? I always end up stuck and with me and/or my car destroyed.

Burn down the forest duh

Flamethrowers, all the flamethrowers.

This is a big problem even in the early game, there’s nothing unique or satisfying about the refugee center. Doing missions for them just raises their faction opinion of you which I don’t even know affects the prices of goods the merchant is willing to sell you.

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A wood ax and patience will get a vehicle through a forest tile. It helps to choose the right vehicle (4-6 tiles wide at most) and the right forest tile (mostly young trees).

In my current game, I cut down 3 trees to get my security van through a single tile forest that was otherwise blocking my path, and I’m working at clearing another 5-6 trees out of a tile to give me an alternate path to some towns south of my primary base/farm that doesn’t involve driving around the endless swamp into the necropolis/ant/fungal war zone.

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It doesn’t help that the trader can’t make use of the presumable storage space that would be inside his kiosk.

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