0.C-4084 Can't get a refugee center location on the map

Version 0.C-4084 / 0.C-8419-g93c2d5b

The story:

  • Started a new game with maximum city spacing: 8.
  • At some point (still early game) used a tourist guide. A whole bunch of roads were added to the world map, possibly more than before.
  • Later found an EVAC shelter and used the computer to get the refugee center location.

That’s when the game stalls and goes unresponsive for about 10 seconds. Upon looking at the overmap no refugee center can be found, neither by searching manually or by using the map’s search function. If the refugee center does exist, it’s who knows where. Also note I reported the broken map search function earlier:


Suggested steps to reproduce:

  • Start a new game with city spacing set to maximum (8).
  • Summon yourself a tourist guide with debug commands and use it.
  • Find an EVAC shelter and proceed to there, possibly with the assistance of debug commands.
  • Use the EVAC shelter computer.

I mean I’m guessing it’s the tourist map that sort of reserved everything, leaving no room for the refugee center to spawn.

Also, it would’ve been nice to realize earlier that ‘overmap’ doesn’t mean the entire world map, but just a section of it. :frowning:

‘Current overmap’ is where the search function is limited, isn’t it? That’s why it doesn’t find all the valid targets matching the search phrase. It doesn’t search through the neighboring “overmaps”.

I… just… I don’t even.

Edit 2:
Started a new game as an Evacuee, just to test this further. City spacing 8. Used the shelter computer, and the location was supposedly marked… but still didn’t actually get the refugee center on the map. Either it’s really far away and impossible to locate, or it isn’t spawned at all.

Could I perform a search in my save folder if I performed a search to find text inside the files? I do have the software for it, I just don’t know what I’m looking for. I mean, I’d like to find the refugee center location within the save files.

Edit 3:
Yeah, I’m not getting the refugee center on the map at all. City spacing 1, same result, no ref center.

Even if the refugee center was on the map, locating is still often an issue that should’ve been addressed months ago. Either by improving the search function or increasing the map scrolling speed, which I personally find painfully slow.

I believe the refugee center can only spawn if (static?) NPCs are enabled. If they don’t the building won’t be spawned. Make sure they’re on and try again.

They are most certainly on. I never use dynamic NPCs, always static NPCs. Even checked it. It’s what I use in default world options.

There are time the refugee center won’t spawn regardless of settings. I go to the terminal, use it, and see its not there. I then debug to reveal all the map and still not there. Its a 50/50 for it so spawn.

I do this a lot of times and when you use the max settings in spacing, you shelter never spawn and the game send 2 errors. Also the streets disappear from a bunch of sites, but ok seems have sense if the cities are too far apart, but the issue is you should spawn inside a shelter if you choose the Evacue.

I think it’s the tall buildings mod. I tried and failed 9 times to create a new world with a refugee center. I used the same options every time. As soon as I created a world without “tall buildings” the refugee center appeared. That’s the only option I changed.

Edit: Yeah, I tried it a few more times. It was just luck.

Refugee centers arent exactly common.

Theyre uncommon buildings that spawn in large fields, usually a short to medium distance from cities. And I spawned on a while ago. Sometimes they are just not near you.

If they were broken youd get an error message about them

Yeah, it was just luck. I tried it a few more times with no success. It’s highly misleading that you get the message “It takes you forever to find the address on your map. You mark the refugee center.” and then it’s not there. I was under the impression that a center spawned when you see that message, but I guess it only reveals it if it’s already there.

If refugee centers do spawn and exist, no matter how far, the issue still stands that they cannot be located reliably or smoothly due to several factors:

  • The centers often spawn outside the immediate overmap view.
  • The overmap cannot be scrolled fast enough.
  • The overmap’s search function doesn’t always return all the valid seached locations.
  • There is no assistance, not even a general direction, or a directional indicator like quests have, or actual map coordinates. Something like “It looks like the refugee center is quite a ways to the southeast of here.” on the EVAC shelter terminal screen would be great. Actual coordinates would be even better.