Reaching California - how to change refugee center spawning distance?


I have simple idea.

Right now Refugee Center spawns in around 1-2 miles from player, so anyone can just walk to it in about 15 minutes.
Can we somehow change that value to lets say 2000 miles - around 128.000 overview tiles,
so it would take days/weeks of travel?

I tried to change it in source code - but with no success. Which (cpp/.h) files are responsible for initial spawn?

It would be even more interesting with “wayfarer” perk - walking there on foot, as in most realistic post-apocalyptic movies…

Whew it already spawnns so far away I usually can’t be bothered to go that far to visit it lol.


It’s the specials.json in the overmap_special folder, and the spawning of it is chance based (per overmap).

Yeah you’ve just been lucky. It’s incredibly rare to have it spawn so close so consistently. In my experience it’s half a world away more often than not.

Yeah, depending on how your setup is, the Refugee Center spawns VERY far away from you. It’s a rare day to see it within a reasonable distance. A pity, because it’d be very useful early game for trading for tools and such.

i Consider myself really Lucky If I manage to get der in about 3 days