Does refugee center removed from last experimental (0.C-29743-g69c727c)?

So, I played some time with the stable version and now play with experimental.

At the stable version there was a one refugee center at overmap.
After a long playing in experimental, I used the debug menu. I revealed 9 overmaps but didn’t get any refugee centres.
I tried to use overmap editor but there aren’t any refugee center.

Does this location removed?

I play ASCII version with mods:
*Dark Days Ahead
*No NPC needs
*Simplified Nutrition
*More Makeshift Items
*Prevent Zombie Revivication

Static NPCs are enabled, cities is bigger and the distance between them is bigger.

They were not removed. Using the current experimental, I also set up a vanilla debug world. No mods, just DDA.

The refugee center still exists, it just often spawns very VERY far away. You can pick up a quest to go to the refugee center by interacting with the computer in the evac shelter.

When you open the map, and that quest is selected, there’s a (VERY small) red > at the edge of your screen. This points in the direction of the refugee center. It will also say ‘Distance to target:’ in the upper right corner explaining how far you are from the center.

In my vanilla debug, it spawned right near the evac shelter, which is something I’ve never seen before. It’s usually very far away.

Did you use the, contact us, function on the terminal? That should spawn one in a suitable area. I have rarely see them spawn on their own, but I have seen it.

Yes, I used the terminal and have the quest “Reach Refugee Center”. However, there isn’t any red mission target sigh on the map.

Maybe it is a bug?

I restarted my world about 15 times, and the refugee camp spawned in different locations each time (so I know I was doing it right). Anyway, I was unable to replicate a situation where it didn’t show up at all.

The only other thing I can think of is that the quest may not be set as active. If you press M it will show a list of your missions. The target arrow is only there if a mission is selected.

If it’s not that, I don’t think I can help you, mate. Although, in the M mission window it displays your location as well as the location of your target, so you should be able to use that to find it’s location. If there’s no coordinates in the Mission menu, then yeah, I’d say it was a bug.

It is looks like this now.


EDIT: Ultimately this is a ‘Hell if I know’. I thought I knew, but I don’t.

I found that it was bug.
I created new world and new character, he have got the mission and the coordinates after checking terminal.

Thanks to all.

Anyone knows how to remove current mission from a character (maybe via save editing).
I want to try again but this character quite good.

You can edit your missions through the debug menu. Debug “edit npc” and choose yourself. Then edit missions. You can remove the mission and then reinteract with the computer to have the mission trigger again. This might cause other problems with your game, as it’s a WIP debug option.

If it was just a bug, this might work. If it was working as intended (IE: Your character just never found the refugee center) then this won’t change anything.


When I reinteract with the console, log says: “You don’t know where the address could be…”

Maybe my world options are weird?

Does anybody know what the requirements of refugee center to be spawn?

From what I saw when peeking into the code there are three options. You either already know the location, and it displays one message, you don’t know the location but it gets marked on your map and it tells you a different message, or you don’t find it at all and it printsthe message you referenced.

So, either there was a problem with the refugee center being spawned because of overmap problems OR you just have to find it on your own.

This is why I said it might be functioning appropriately. It looks like you’ll just have to find it on on your own. Alternatively, you could use the debug menu to create one in a forest or something, but that would definitely be cheating.