Refugee center seems to spawn infinitely far away!


I figured that’s probably the main draw, right, the ability to trade with the people there? I’ve never met a trader in-game, but it seems like something that would be invaluable.


I think the nicest thing I got from the trader was a rifle scope, and even that was kind of meh because it’s a gunmod and I don’t generally use guns.

The trader at the refugee center doesn’t spawn rare CBMs or ammo. Mostly, he pays a pittance for jerky.


To be fair, the merchant does sell the occasional explosive along with the arsonist that you can disassemble to make your own, better explosives. Looking at you RDX sand bomb


I’m surprised that there isn’t a regular upgraded non remote controlled pipe bomb. One that doesn’t suffer from the one problem that only the pipe bomb has that it sometimes duds.


Increasing city sizes is definitely going to make the center more likely to spawn at a great distance.
Also if you played a number of games in the same world before triggering the mission that will make it likely to be far away.


–Heh, reminds me of how I’m a packrat/looter, and will grab all the gun I can carry then almost never use them! Unless you include crossbows, I do use those.
–I always look at the computer first thing when I load into a game (With very few exceptions)


I’ve had ammo spawn in a trader. The trader tends to be “mentally challenged”(as was asked to edit for political correctness) and not be able to accept your stuff though. “too full” or whatever nonsense.

But he does accept credit cards so…at least you may get away with some trade from that method of trade. Bitch of it is, when you leave for awhile and come back he magically forgets you have credit with them and you don’t get to spend what you thought you had enough for…cheap asses >_>


I think it’s cause their inventory restocks after a week and forgetting your credit seems to be a side effect. An easy fix to this would be to have an ATM machine or something next to it so you can give the exact amount.