Recovering Liquids From The Floor

Hello all I searched but could not find any thread with my idea so just thought id throw it out there.

As we all know mops pick up liquids, Why not be able to squeeze the liquid out of it? I suggesting adding a squeezing mop.

This could be implemented simply by allowing mops to contain liquid and unload just as a regular container.

Also so you wouldn’t have to pick up and drop off every liquid you could leave in the already basic mop as another item altogether

Lets just add a new item a mop and bucket, that way you can take it apart to do normal mopping/ kill zombies.

Buckets hold about 5 litters.

I really want to be able to mop petrol over a floor then burn zombies with it.

I am fairly certain if the acid rain can kill zombies and leave no remains, a simple mop can’t pick it up, so no acid recovery with just a mop?

Or… You can mop up the acid and your mop dissolves :smiley:

Crafts mop from rags, long string and heavy stick

Mops up pool of acid

[Your mop-head dissolves from the acid, leaving only a Heavy Stick]

*Crafts ANOTHER mop from rags, long string and the same heavy stick… *

If your going to go the “Realistic” route then you cant hold acid in any plastic containers either only one specifically made for holding corrosive acids, so funnels would not work they would just dissolve

However I am not entirely against a device that is made for picking up hazardous material either

Technically there is a fairly common type of acid (Hydrofluoric acid) that will dissolve and burn flesh, glass, and most metals but leaves plastics alone for the most part.

That really depends on what sort of plastic is being used… and what sort of acids.

Some acids like hydrofluoric will etch glass and metals, but won’t even touch neoprene, TFE, or FEP.

I’ve a running theory that the Cataclysmic ‘acid rain’ is some sort of extra-dimensional organic blend along the likes of formic, acetic, or tannic acids (formic acid in particular can be extremely painful without significant physical damage.)

I like squeezing mop idea.