Rechargeable Batteries!

A thought has popped into my head:
Why not add rechargeable batteries?
I mean, there isn’t really any reason not to. We have solar panels, we have foot cranks, we have a fuck tonne of electrical devices, why not add rechargeable batteries?

They’d have to less common, of course, but they’d effectively act like liquid containers.

Perhaps different sizes for different capacities for energy.
For example, a small, household battery, a car battery, a generator-sized battery, and so on.

A few ways they could be charged:

Solar Stations,
Thermal Station,
So on.

Instead of using up the battery like we have with one-use batteries, it would act simply like loading a jackhammer with gasoline from a bottle.

What do you guys think?

I dunno… It would be funny if some were charged by batteries, though. But then dead batteries would have to leave ‘dead battery’ things everywhere.

Conceivably you could (D)issasemble dead, nonrechargeable, batteries for scrap

We need lead acid batteries. The ones you can recharge.