Rechargeable battery question

Hi all, i’ve been searching to see if my question has been answered and i can’t find any answers so i’ll aks here, i’m using stable and i found a rechargeable battery, it has 200 charges but i don’t know where and how to charge it, can somebody please explain this to me? i’'m not talking ups here, just plain battery with 200 charges that says it’s rechargeable.

Simplest way is to find a “hand-crank charger”, Reload the battery into the charger, then Apply the charger to start charging. Otherwise you start building a charging station with vehicle construction.

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If you’re in a place with decent amount of zombies batteries absolutely won’t be an issue.
There are basically 2 paths:

  • use a hand-crank charger, it can be crafted or found but its very inefficient.
  • recharging station, but you’ll need a vehicle with a cargo compartment to install to and batteries to drain charge from, its also very inefficient but at least you can cook breakfast while your stuff charges or something

I tried a hand crank once… It took most of the day (far longer than the battery would keep a head lamp operating). I don’t know if there’s a pedal operated version that might actually have an acceptable performance.

As mentioned, of you’re fighting zombies you’ll find enough batteries to match your consumption (assuming it’s at least somewhat conscious of consumption: constant headlamp on drains a battery in no time, for some reason).

Otherwise, as mentioned, a vehicle recharging station connected to a battery that’s getting charged by something (alternator from a motor, a solar panel, or the more exotic wind or water power options that probably are later ones).
I found one in a working limousine. As it didn’t have any solar panels I eventually managed to connect it to a solar powered car using a jumper cable.
I’ve also seen them in military vehicles, none of which have had any solar panels.
Once you’ve gotten sufficient skills you an mount solar panels on vehicles that have charging stations, or move the charging stations to one of your vehicles.

As mentioned, you’ll eventually get access to a huge number of small batteries, so slow charging can be handled by just swapping batteries. The larger batteries are harder to come by, though, but at least medium ones can be found (I eventually crafted my large one).

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Charging stations are the way to go, hand crank chargers are slow as hell. A super common early building project for me is a solar cart. 1-4 frames for space to mount vehicle batteries on (from motorcycle batteries to storage batteries), a basket with a recharging station installed, a control panel, and top the thing with the best condition solar panels I can find.

Build the thing outside my residency of choice, and dump spare batteries/electronics into it as I get a hold of them.


It doesn’t have to be solar on the vehicle, just for the record. You can use a combustion engine, though keep in mind you’ll need to keep it supplied with gas/diesel to keep it running and charging.

If you’re situated near running water, water wheels provide passive charge generation 24/7. You just need to make sure the tiles containing the water wheels are directly over shallow running water.