"Really step over this Ledge?"

I just lost a character. Moving carefully, one square at a time, with my flashlight on and no enemies in sight. Why? Because the terrain dot for an infinite pit over nothing looks almost identical to the usual terrain dot and there’s no warning text. Seriously, there’s a confirmation flag for stepping into an extremely obvious cloud of nearly harmless smoke, but not for an almost invisible, instantly lethal terrain type that is literally the only terrain in the entire game, except for stairs, that suggests that the Z-axis exists? It’s stuff like this that makes people (me included) give up on a game and never come back. If a character dies because I took a risk and it went bad, or because I was careless, fine - that’s part of the challenge. If I’m going to die completely at random then it’s not a challenge, it’s just a waste of my time.

Huh. I couldn’ve sworn they had a warning for those back in the day. Maybe it got glitched out with the rest of the trap-warnings? Heard those got lost and never heard about a resolution.

The UI part of the game definitely need some improvements, especially the warning - one thing annoying is that the game always ask if I really want to step in the smoke although I’ve already in a smoke cloud.
That said, “It’s stuff like this that makes people (me included) give up on a game and never come back.” ? Don’t you think it came off as a bit impatient? Also, it’s a little broken now and eventually will be fixed but smoke actually does hefty torso damage, some even consider it overpowered right now.

Perhaps I chose the words badly. I do intend to start a new character sometime once the version has iterated a couple times.

Yes, the next version should fix quite a few annoying things if I’m not mistaken.

There SHOULD be a warning - but pits count as traps, and if it’s dark and your perception is low, I’m not sure if the warning triggers. But if you see the pit, it should, so this sounds like it should actually be a bug report. I’ll file it as a github issue regardless.

The only place I know of that has these drop-offs are the nuclear silos, and to my knowledge you really shouldn’t have access to the tube to begin with, it should be a lab-sized encounter (…if I find one later I’ll work on an example.) with a railing. Which would also give a bit of a warning even if you’re completely engulfed in smoke or completely blinded by darkness. “You bump into a railing”

Mine ladder-access (empty elevator shaft) also has these. Once z-levels get in, they’ll be fairly common, I should think.

(I’ve never gotten in a silo. :wink: )

I think the way the infinite pit is displayed should be changed. Interface Screw? Not good.

this is just for the infinite pit, correct?

No, the trap warning seems broken in general. I suspect a change to field handling broke something. The code for it is in plmove() in game.cpp if anyone wants to take a look. We aren’t landing 0.9 without fixing this first.

I thought the removal of the “are you sure” was intentional XD …Keep walking into dissectors now though.

No, as Zireael points out, a bunch of the traps are relatively hard to see, and additionally running long distances is too common in this game to penalize someone for a misstep.