I refuse to ever go into an LMOE shelter ever again

It seemed like a normal game. I chose the sheltered scenario to start with and move one step so that i stand over the stairs down. I press > and get moved down one level. Into this.

If anyone knows how i can actually put images in the spoiler, please tell me!

You should have got a ‘broken stairway’ message.

But this happens so often (person goes down a broken stairway, finds themselves in lava, and dies), that it probably should check if there is lava below on the tile that should have an up-staircase (the code obviously checks if there is no stairway), and should give a different message: “Hot sulfuric fumes escape from the broken stairway … the entire floor is lava! Going down would be suicide.” and not give the player a chance to go down (unless, of course, there is a legitimate way to survive in lava… would power armor protect you? If that is the case, you can end it with a question: "Go down anyway? [Default: ‘N’])

I can testify that PA just prolongs your broiling. Savescummed it once just cause I had to know.

It’s the RNG, that’ll probably never happen again.

Nope. No message about any stairways. I started the game and pressed >. That’s it. I then swam in lava and watched as my legs melted away.

Well, at least you didn’t waste much time. I don’t know…with that experience I might suggest that you never go into a LMOE shelter with a developed character. With a new character, however, it sounds great. Assuming you save your loadout as a template, you basically only have to hit page down a few times and you’re in a new world with a new shelter and a ridiculously low percentage chance that going downstairs will be lava, which, even if it is will only cost you like a minute.

No warning is a bug. Will take a look. Thanks.

Update: I can’t replicate the no-warning. Will see about adding a check for lava in the area Just In Case, but without knowing what triggered the no-warning-whatever issue, I can’t guarantee it’ll be any help.

I chose to start in a LMOE Shelter at least 90% of the time, I have never ever had the unplesent experience of going down stairs and swimming in lava, I never even found a broken stairway before either.

I’ve gotten the broken stairways message twice. Both times into ant tunnels.

KA101 PRed a fix that specifically warns you about gusts of superheated air coming out of the stairwell. If you ignore the message, well, your hellish inferno of a funeral.

When testing, I had to visit 4 different overmaps to find a house over lava, and I had to search a dozen houses over lava to find a basement. This is not exactly a common problem.

you survived 42 days with no kills. And is days adventured in experimental? I don’t remember that.

Days survived is time from zero hour (five days post-cataclysm) to your death.

Days adventured is the days you were actually playing, if you were on a delayed start.

Since opting to start later than Spring doesn’t delay the cataclysm and therefore is generally a tougher start (perishables perish and wildlife gets zombified, foraging shifts, etc), it’s important to make a note of that fact.

Conversely scorekeepers and such might get all discombobulated if we counted days that were fast-forwarded (wherein you passively Stay Alive but don’t develop and are not at risk) the same as days actively played, where hunger/thirst/etc are issues and you have to look after yourself.

So, compromise, and two trackers.