Ledges MUST be marked as unsafe tiles

considering how I get a notification every time I try and step in a bush, yet I get no notification whenever I mistake a ledge tile for a darkness tile and end up falling and breaking a limb, it seems kind of ridiculous that ledges aren’t marked as unsafe tiles by now.
Is there any way to manually mark them for querry if I want to step off them? Cause it would help cut down on a few “unfair” deaths

Ledges themselves aren’t marked (as in, the tile next to open air) but trying to step out into the nothingness should be prompting you. As far as I know, this occurs with any t_open_air tile.

I don’t know where you’re falling, but it might be someplace that didn’t use t_open_air. I don’t know enough about it to know why it would be different.

You’d have to look in the mapgen for that particular location and check what they’ve used, and adjust them location by location.

I’m unable to duplicate this. When I try to walk off of the edge of a roof, I get the same “are you sure?” notification that I get for bushes.

The only occasion I’m aware of offhand where you don’t get that notification is if you’re blindfolded.

Can you tell us more about your situation?

okay well I guess this a bug then since I never get a prompt to ask

We need reproduce steps.