Add fire/temperature to warning list during activities

I’ve had some frustrating moments where characters seem to happily continue crafting/reading/waiting until they catch fire and their legs burn off, or keep reading until they froze. I took the L and decided to continue playing with broken legs but there really should be a danger notification of a fire being too close considering how broken legs can quickly mean the end of a playthrough you may have been patiently and carefully playing.

What do you mean: when doing something, you will be warned if it is dangerous?
Yes, if you are careful enough (about attention or intelligence), you can judge whether there is a danger from the details of the surrounding environment😀

That’s strange. I feel like there are warnings for that. There is definitely the “You were hurt!” notification, though maybe getting a less severe damage-over-time like poison could cause you to ignore the damage and let the flames burn you without response.

Everyone except an extremely small number of people feel pain when they get hurt, and tthereby get an automatic notification of that. Thus, the game ought to provide a notification that you’re getting hurt when e.g. a nearby fire spreads to beside you when you’re crafting. The game needs to make a distinction between “I hurt at level X because I received an injury this morning. Now I’m receiving new pain at level X (or, for that matter, even pain lower than level X if from a different body part or a different kind of pain [e.g. a cut and fire]) from a new source.” And “I’m now hurting at level X. The previous tick I also also had pain at level X. Therefore nothing has changed.”

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by the time “you were hurt” message appears usually i’ve already caught fire, or have become so thermally charged that my limbs will hurt just moving away
what I mean is there needs to be a warning before you reach that point of taking damage like “there is an uncovered fire nearby! continue Y/N” in the same way that any other annoying popup might happen like hearing a cow mooing outside interrupt your crafting every 6 hours


but what if it is a zombie cow?

Then "moo"ve someplace safer if you have a beef with the zombie cow. :grin:

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