Really Bad Day custom Starts, Rescrewed Edition

hi everyone, i just finished a custom starts mod while i wait for the new stable update of the game, please do enjoy, and tell me what you think. screenshots included too!

starts i have made for your suffering:

“name”: “Challenge-Really Bad Day at Church”,
“description” : “You are man of the cloth who mere hours ago was tending to the sunday mass. Then you got utterly shitfaced, depressed, surrounded by the damned, sick with the flu, addicted to drugs, winter just started, and the church burns in Hellish fire! Time to bring the word of god to the undead, one bullet at a time…”,

“name”: “Challenge-Really Bad Day at Church 2”,
“description”: “with the blessing of the local clergy, you formed a church militia, then started gearing up on surplus store savings, and even took to reforging your old heirloom sword. Now the entire parish and the priest are dead or undead. But hey, at least you got a pimped out modern crossbow out of this…”,

“name”: “Challenge-Really Bad Day in PRISON”,
“description”: “You are an illiterate convicted felon living a normal prison life. Then today happened: You got drunk to the point of becoming incapacitated, totally depressed, infected, surrounded by fire, surrounded by turned prisoners and crazy turrets, sick with the flu, addicted to drugs, it’s winter, and you’re still in prison…”,

“name”: “Challenge-Extreme crash”,
“description”: “You are junior officer in the Army, and you got into the last evac chopper. You were expecting medals and promotions. Instead, you got to be the only survivor of the crash when the pilot turned. You are drunk and have an infected wound. Plus you are surrounded by zeds and flames in the middle of winter. At least you still have your gear…”,

link to the files is:

This mod is open source, please do edit it as much as you like, and hell, you can upload if you wish using code i made. but some credit is appreciated :slight_smile:

Changeloig: reuploaded correct version

some screenshots btw:


I believe that to don’t need to give permission for someone to edit your mod due to the copyright placed on CDDA.
It’d still be nice to credit though.

noted. lemme change wording. many thanks for heads up.