Dragoduval Awesome Mod

Hi all, i love modding, even if i’m not a great modder, but every once in a while i do mod’s that are worth sharing whit others :D. That’s one of them.

This mod add some new scenario, profession and starting location, while changing some terrain.
Here a list of them. Also should work on 0-C, but was made whit the latest Experimental.

If you have comments, or idea’s, just say them here, in PM or send me an email :D.

Alternative Download Link:
So i cant add file here directly, so just download it from one of those links.

Scenario :

[spoiler] + The Frozen Town : You start in the town, while it’s winter. Did not know when i made it that we could change the season in the option’s. Also add three new starting location, the same of The Dojo scenario.

+ The Dojo : This scenario is restricted to martial class (Black belt, boxer, martial adept, etc), and only have three starting location, The dojo, the Gym and the Fitness Gym. Was wondering why we did not have that scenario already…[/spoiler]

Profession :

[spoiler] + The Bionic Delinquent : “After a year of stealing lunch money from your fellow classmate, you finally saved enough to get awesome new’s bionic’s. Now you only need to understand how it work and you will be able to thanks nerd’s for giving you such power. Stupid Nerd.”

You start whit the same stuff as a normal delinquent, but whit 3 CBM : bio_watch, bio_meteorologist and bio_geiger.

+ Bionic Thief (Solar) : Just a edit for this one, since from what i saw the battery CBM seem broken, i simply changed it for the solar CBM[/spoiler]


[spoiler] + Palisade : The Palisade, and its door, are not Permeable (?), so you can see and shoot through them.

+ Reinforced Glass *** : I simply augmented all Reinforced glass terrain resistance a bit, so now zombie wont break through them as if they where made of butter. Might need more test, but for me it work fine. Just wish Banks had them instead of widows and normal glass.[/spoiler]

Start Location:

Added three new valid starting location, if anyone would like to add them to they’re mod or scenario. All three have been tested.
+ Dojo
+ Gym
+ Fitness Gym

What’s next :

[spoiler] + More scenario : Planning to add a farm (Ranch) scenario, plus a few others that might join it.

+ New Profession : I like delinquents, so i might add new variant latter.

+ Snipper (Snippet ?) : I have so many idea for note’s and journal’s, so im currently making myself i file full of them. Now right now im separating them in two list, those that will come in this mod (Non-Lore breaking) and those that will stay in my personal mod (Lore-Breaking one).

+ Items ? : I have two cheaty tools that i might add here, once i uncheaty them. THey are a full repair kit (Repair all) and an backpack (0 encumbrance, 200 volume for storage).[/spoiler]

This sounds really interesting. What about putting a pull request up on Github for adding some of the content in this mod to the main game?