Realistic fridge sizes (MOD)

Since fridges are not realistically all mini fridges 7Cf/200L, and rv fridges are not cooler size, this mod makes them more realistic sizes on the small end.
Went from 200L/about 7Cf to 600L/about 21CF. RV ones went fron 75L to 200L
Let me know if I messed up any numbers.

That RV fridge is bigger than what i’ve got in my kitchen!

Maybe I should look into living in an RV…

These numbers seem accurate to me after a bit of googling. Never really considered how small the game’s refrigerators are.

Quick googling revealed that in general mini-fridge is a fridge with less than 5.5 CF (140 liters) volume. I believe most RV versions are smaller, and have 1.7 - 3.5 CF for example.

What would the real life version of the rv be?

I’m in the UK and we’re not as big as the yanks. My idea of fridge size probably differs from yours. (That’s a sentence I never thought i’d say)

Hmm seems like RVs don’t always have minifridges; some are quite large.