Atomic Refrigerator?

I think a refrigerator powered by plutonium cells would be a nice addition. Maybe have a variant of the FoodCo Kitchen Buddy that takes UPS charge or plutonium cells. It would be great for food preservation, assuming you have a good supply of power cells.

How is this any different from a normal fridge? Seriously, how? At first I thought you were suggesting something along the lines of the Atomic Coffee Maker where it wouldn’t take up energy but would have some other downside that’d make it unwieldy for a mobile vehicle (such as making it actual furniture).

“Finally! After all these years! I created a device that can freeze the S H * T out of stuff faster than a normal fridge! All it needs is the power of 1000 gerbils running in a windpipe…”


A normal fridge takes vehicle power. This wouldn’t. Maybe just have it work like the atomic coffee maker and give it an endless supply of power.

It would be neat if there were a separate fridge and freezer component, though.

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I don’t know. In case of a hypothetic atomic minifreezer you basically end up with infinite term food. This might be a bit overpowered. Atomic minifreezer slightly less so.

Speaking of Minifreezer/Minifridge, I’ve had an idea for a direct upgrade of sorts.

Megafreezer and Megafridge. First of all, the Megafridge shouldn’t be easily found. Best case scenario, ONLY Deluxe RV should spawn with it. If not that, make it only craftable.

Megafreezer shouldn’t be anywhere to be found, period. Only craftable.

So what are the “stats” of those?

Simple. First of all, twice as much storage space as their mini variants. Their power usage should be higher, maybe 3 or so times higher, to account for less space needed for the same amount of storage. Crafting should take a considerable skill, not as simple as duct-taping two freezers/fridges to each other and calling it a day. So probably 2 more skill required to craft them than the mini variants, along with the recipe found in high end electronic book.

Or another idea. Mini-Refrigerator. It can either keep things cold, or freeze them. ( Obviously not both at once. ) Maybe a rare find is some vehicle, the bonus here is depending on your food stocks situation you can change what you need on the get-go, saving you valuable tile in your vehicle.

Or you know, we can combine both of my ideas and a Mega-Refrigerator is born.