Finding a minifreezer?

All the luxury RVs seem to have is minifridges, no one seems to have a minifreezer, any advice on finding one?

Ice cream trucks but honestly you are better off building your own, you can get most of the parts you need or materials to make the parts you need from deconstructing fridges.

Ice cream trucks usually give you 2 minifreezers. The hardest part to find is the thermometer to make minifreezers (and minifridges). I usually find them in labs. Really no point making minifridges since RV and luxury RVs are much more common than ice cream trucks.


I haven’t found an icecream truck, anywhere they tend to show up more? And thermometers don’t exist in other objects you can disassemble? That seems odd. And I definitely don’t know how to get into a lab yet.

Ice cream trucks are pretty rare, it’s why I recommend building your own mini freezers as themometers turn up more often. As for Labs, keep your eyes open for body sites, Mi-gos, Amoebic molds, Grackens and Krecks, they are usually signs of nearby body site where you can find scientist ID cards, those are the best way to get into Labs safely, if you do enter a lab be careful and make liberal use of the peek function as they can be quite dangerous if you don’t know what you are doing.

Edit: best place to find ice cream trucks is in cities but again, they are remarkably rare vehicles and tend to get torn to pieces by zombies quite quickly.

Yeah as crazykiddeath said they are rare and are found mainly in cities. But if you do happen to find one do whatever to protect it so the zombies don’t destroy the minifreezers. Just lure them away from it.

As suggested body sites surrounded by unique creatures will have science ids on corpses so that is the safest way to enter the labs. You can also hack the entrance or use a pickaxe/jackhammer to destroy the walls. Yet another way is to cut down a tree and aim it towards the walls though it might require several attempts. Driving your vehicle into the wall might work as well but will require several attempts.

Labs are pretty dangerous so you’d better be prepared. I can’t remember but I think I found a thermometer outside a lab as well or it might have been a barometer. You’d think that there’d be thermometers inside hospitals, doctors’ offices, pharmacies or animal shelters or anyplace medical-related.

On a last note, I have around 9 minifreezers and around 15-20 minifridges but the best place to store food is in an ice lab. Specifically the 2nd floor as its temperature is constant. On the 1st floor (that has the the entrance) the temperature is always -10 degrees colder than the outdoors temperature. In my ice lab the 2nd floor is always -22. Drop your items on the stairs of the 1st floor and drag them down to the 2nd floor. Obviously make sure the area near the stairs on the 2nd floor is cleared first.

Water heaters in basements are now a source of thermometers.


Refrigerators in houses ought to spawn them on disassmebly, too, but they don’t. Also it’s weird that there are no furniture freezers, even in ice cream shops.


Good job Mantar, that was a fix so minor and so useful I had to go ahead and throw up a pull request. I haven’t contributed for like 4 years, so thanks for finally motivating me there. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the tip! I went around the neighborhood and found a house with a water heater in the basement and confirmed you get a thermometer when you dissemble it! Also works with the furnace found next to it!
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