Minifridge: Worth it or not?

Is it worth it to have it on my vehicle? I’m solar, and I could use that space to put a foodco buddy. But should I keep it?

Not really, they are far too power hungry to actually make a difference I find, can’t leave em on long enough.

I’m usually fine with about 9 solar panels to run a fridge. Still haven’t experimented with wind turbines enough to figure out how many of those to use.

I kind of agree if solar only, if you can fit even a small fuel engine and a decent number of storage batteries however, mini fridges and mini freezers can be great. My base currently uses 8 or 9 storage batteries, a 0.6L engine with a truck alternator to charge them, 4 mini freezers and gets 2 weeks of power between charges. 60L of gas lasts multiple charges and you can get that easy enough, I think I refill my motorcycle more often tbh.

Minifridge is not a musthave, it’s generally better to turn perishable food into preserved products with longer shelf life.

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Having cold drinks at arms reach makes them quite worth it to me. Also got a minifreezer but my deathmobile runs on gas, so the power drain is not an issue.

I think it’s worth it. It slows spoilage to such a degree that food lasts much longer. The only problem is its low capacity, but that does make sense. Their power drain is low enough that a solar panel or two will easily outpace its passive drain.

More worth it, to me, is the minifreezer. Frozen foods don’t spoil at all!

The minifridge’s power use was reduced a while back. Now you can run it for two weeks off a single storage battery before having to recharge it.
It’s nice to have for things like fresh eggs, where you don’t want them to freeze, but don’t want to make them all powdered.
In a space-conscious vehicle setup, you could maybe swap it out for something else. The foodco wouldn’t be my choice, though, all its functions can be handled by tools in a UPS charger space.

I honestly feel like if the Minifridge was slightly larger in volume, it might have more use. 75 liters of volume feels just too small to me, even if it is a minifridge.

Doesn’t seem like it would be unreasonable for a full refrigerator recipe to get added. Why hasn’t it ever happened? Seems like there must be a reason nobody has JSONED in full size. Actually with how spoil works now I could even see a deep freezer being added, although Im not sure how often it would be used since most things lose quality when frozen, and the running cost would be even higher than the fridge.

Yeah mini fridge is generally worth it once you have no issues generating enough power for your vehicle. I keep alcohol cold in it and find the morale bonus to be great for removing a lot of the grinding pain.