Reading taking longer than usual

i think something is broken,since i keep getting this message while standing next to the window while sunny outside. I just hope it’s not a new mechanic, because it would be absurd. And bad.

Check light intensity by opening crafting menu. Sometimes it’s not sunny enough, like early in the morning or depending on season (not sure about the season part).

So you can read fast outside?

I think in one of the updates they made it so that unless the weather is actually Sunny, it’ll still be considered “Dark” inside structures even right next to the window.

If you open the window and sit on the sill while you read you should be good.

yes, i can read normally outside, but not inside. What would be the purpose of such a change ? It has no relevance to RL and it serves no purpose than to annoy a player.

It’s one of those realism factors that may or may not need to be there. It makes sense that you can read better where there’s light (have you ever tried to read in near-darkness?), and it makes sense that houses are pretty dark when there’s no electricity. That aside though, yeah - it’s annoying.

Read directly in front of a window. Light propagates a bit like it does IRL, meaning that the middle of an unlit room is less lit than the tiles near window.