Building placement

Hey, didn’t know where really to post this, but how much control do we have over where buildings spawn? I vaguely remember we can make them spawn on different terrtain types such as forests or plains, but say for example i wanted a building to spawn only on the edge of cities, is that doable?

Yes. Every overmap special has a definition that describes how it will occur:

    "type": "overmap_special",
    "id": "Military Outpost",
    "overmaps": [ { "point": [ 0, 0, 0 ], "overmap": "outpost" } ],
    "locations": [ "land" ],
    "city_distance": [ 4, -1 ],
    "city_sizes": [ 4, 12 ],
    "occurrences": [ 0, 10 ],
    "rotate": false

So a military outpost only occurs on land, never closer than 4 overmap tiles to a city, only one worlds with city size between 4 and 12, and there are 0 to 10 military outposts per 180x180 overmap.

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Oh Wow! Thanks!! I had no idea there was that much granularity! I think i’ll have a look at warehouses and try to use them and turn one into a squat. My thinking is that maybe the warehouse could have been a squat before the Cataclysm.

I know i’ve said this a dozen times bye the way, but thank you for putting in so much work with factions and NPCs, You have all my love and respect for the work you’ve done here. :slight_smile: