Randomness in the wasteland

I was a few days into the world and had a few guns that I was planning to use for a rampage through a mansion, as I went through the rooms clearing out the dead, something caught my eye. when I examined it I learned that what I had found was a fursuit. I then wore it right then and there and cleared the mansion and boarded up the windows and doors with the suit still on. (And no, I never took it off ever afterwards.)

reply your own short random stories that you have experienced throughout your days playing cataclysm.

I killed a zombie child, and found a trenchcoat and a bag of cocaine on the corpse. Then I killed a fat zombie and found a box of deep fried chicken on its corpse.

I saw a moose and a zoose lock their antlers, and dozens of agitated dogs running around the pair.

zoose wins

I once found a house in the middle of a forest that wasn’t marked on the map. I went inside. Mistakes were made. I wound up burning it to the ground and later dropping a nuke on the ashes just to be sure.

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Oh, I know THOSE houses. I hope you didn’t touch the book bound in human flesh.

Oh, I know THOSE houses. I hope you didn’t touch the book bound in human flesh.[/quote]

I hope he did ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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There’s a hidden forest house other than bandit cabins? Spoil me. :V

EDIT: Oh wait, the Fun cabins are hidden as forests, but I thought all they had were the fun friendly fuckers in the basement, and a skull? I didn’t know there were books to be found there.

Oh, I know THOSE houses. I hope you didn’t touch the book bound in human flesh.[/quote]

I hope he did ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)[/quote]

I’m not THAT stupid. Why do you think I nuked the place?

I never knew there was books in those strange basements, only found etched human skulls the few times I’ve found’em… Now I wanna know what it’s called so I can debug spawn it in for… “Testing”; yes, “Testing” purposes…

Same here, and there’s no actual evidence of such a thing spawning in the mapgen entry, so I think Rot’s just trolling us. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

I’m sad no-one got the evil dead reference there.

Oh. Mierda. And here you had me hoping there was something new in strange cabins. ;w;


I played a swat sniper. I set npc spawn to 100. First thing I found was a body with 7 pink tablets. Acid? Then I ran into 5 NPCs back to back and “recruited” them all.

I have a cult.

I went into my first ever refugee centre… dunno why i’d never visited one, just a quirk of how my games have gone. I’m in early to mid-game, so I’m still very vulnerable, and this is an enviro i know nothing about, so i scout around a bit to get the lay of the land, chat up a few people looking for quests. They trade for corn and some other farming stuff. Good to know. I touch nothing and am polite.

In the lobby, I’m introduced to an arsonist who ‘blows up buildings to collect rebar’. This guy is loaded to the gills with blowy-uppy. Cool beans. I go to trade but don’t really have much on hand at that very moment, so I note him with the intention of coming back later.

Half-a-block outside the refugee centre, I run into a mini-swarm and about halfway through the fight have picked up a few bad bites and see a brute and some ferals inbound, so I hightail it to my car but angle my escape in a way so as to see if the guards come out of the Refugee Centre to deal with the problem, maybe offer me some easy looting.

That’s when the explosions start.

I don’t know what happened. I don’t want to know what happened.

It appeared that surviving guards had either dived or been blown out barricaded windows. I’m sure others weren’t so lucky.

I’ve driven past the place 4 times now, and it still burns. The explosions continue, seasons later.

If they ever stop, I’m off to see if there’s any free rebar lying around…

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Side 4 cities, 8 distance.
I was going down a branch from a larger city. It took like 10 ingame days to reach the end. There was nothing on the way there except forrests, fields and swamps. At the end was a motel… 5 minutes later I die due to massive horde via mininuking the motel out of anger.