Random fire? Furnace safe or what?

I bunkered down in a normal basement with a furnace, and started a fire in it, as you would do with a furnace…I go up top to fetch some items from the ground floor and I notice a fire in the garage, which was directly above the furnace. I was so shocked, I stood there for a few seconds but then I went down to the basement to possibly haul all my items out of there, only to realize the fire was spreading from the furnace. Now, to anyone’s knowledge, are these furnaces new to game(I don’t think I’ve seen them on older versions of the game)? Are they not yet marked as safe places to hold fires? Or are they supposed to be unsafe?(I wasn’t shown the “unsafe place for fires” message, so I though it was safe, since it was a furnace after all). If anyone could explain to me how this works, I’d be grateful.

Yeah, looks like they’re not fire containers, despite the fact that you can place items inside them.

The description also says it’s a gas system, so I’m not sure why it lets you put items in it in the first place. I’ve had several gas furnaces over the years and none of them were the right shape/size to accommodate putting stuff inside.

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I see. Thanks a lot for the reply. I’m a little frustrated, but it’s good to know now.