Brazier has issues containing fire?

So the fire in my brazier just spread to adjacent tiles setting all my base on fire…

Wasn’t the brazier supposed to contain fires? Has anything changed lately about it?

Did you activate the brazier from the inventory to deploy it, or just drop it on the ground? If just dropped, the brazier isn’t set up & fire will spread out of the tile. If deployed, you shouldn’t have that problem

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Note that even when deployed, brazier can only contain fire, not smoke. Better stay couple of tiles away from it when you craft, otherwise you risk inhaling smoke and even dying because of it. I’m not kidding.

If the problem wasn’t what Sediment stated, what version are you playing on?
We can’t fix stuff or search for the base of the problem if we don’t know where to look or if it even got fixed already.

Not sure its related but latest EXP version.
I placed some planks in a oven and lit it now in older versions fire was contained.
I batch crafted and was inturupted with ouch and the fire burnt the house down.

So is there an issue with fires not being contained now?.

Wonder if its ti do with the new containers LOL? :slight_smile:

I doubt it is related to containers but recently there were some updates which touched fields, and specifically fires, those might be the culprit.

Could it be a change related to fires spreading to roofs from heat?

Happened to me in the echo stable.

it was deployed and used many times before the catastrophic incident.

can’t check it now, but will come back with a reply tomorrow.

I had read before that the brazier can safely contain only so much fire. So if you had moved 16 2X4s by hand onto the brazier and lit it, the heat will catch the floor on fire.

If this is what occured, remember you can open the construction menu “*” and build a “firewood source” right near your brazier. If you are within a few tiles of both source and fire, you automatically feed fire at just the right time, even while crafting.

Logical and kinda cool. Another logical thought is if the zlevels make the floor above(ceiling) get to hot and ignite. But I’m not sure if the game is this far ahead yet.

i had a firewood source from where i was feeding the fire.

I think I was playing build 10804 when this happened, but i might have updated the game since.