Campfire and Refrigeration?

Not sure but is there a certain way to make a campfire? I can only think of placing rocks in a 3x3 square with something flammable in the middle. Not sure if that works from keeping it from spreading since I have not tried it but wanted to know if there is a safer or actual way to make a campfire and if it has any uses?

Also, is there a way to put food in a fridge source or something to keep them from rotting? Thanks.

Currently the closest thing you are going to get to a campfire is a brazier.
Also, you can drop items into/onto tiles using the “D” command. But fridges do nothing as far as I know.

I’ve heard that furniture protects its contents from spitter acid, so if you expect an acid attack near a fridge, you might dump inventory into the fridge rather than on the floor.

There was a bug where moving furniture around left Floor in its wake, regardless of the terrain (thus saving 2x4s, nails, etc).

Apart from that, there’s no electricity for Refrigerators so no benefit to storing things in them.

The fire spreading code may have changed, but I used to use the 8-rocks-in-a-ring setup all the time back in the Whales era, and never once had fire spread out on me. (I don’t think I ever did a campfire with gasoline, though. That might spread anyway!)

It does, believe me. It spreads like a .

EDIT: BTW, that happened in a “by the book” bonfire. Eight rocks in a circle and everything. Not that the gasoline powered fire cared, mind you.

Nah, it’s just that back in Whales’ day floors weren’t flammable, not for a while anyway.

Huh. I’m an 8-rock user but do so outside on either grass/dirt or the road outside the Lab.

I don’t suppose digging a Shallow Pit might be suitable for a quick/dirty fireplace? We dug one in our backyard back in high school and it worked out OK.

(Granted, we also had a large concrete ring to line it. Maybe “Fire Pit” should be a construction-menu option: either shovel/substitute & rocks/metal, or rocks/metal in a Shallow Pit?)

Deep pits should prevent fire from spreading.

Deep pits also prevent marshmallow roasting.

didnt test the spread but I just fiqured dig a shallow pit and start a fire in it. It dose seem to produce less smoke so maybe that works.