Fires indoors

Any way to do it without setting the whole building on fire?

I have a “wood stove” in my LMOE bunker, but I’m cautious about using it in case I smoke myself out of the best residence in the world.

You may be able to craft braziers or find them. But it won’t smoke too bad and if you haven’t broken the door you can close it. Gas masks will help aswell.

In the LMAO shelter, the floor is rock, so stuff shouldn’t spread unless you have something flammable within 2 tiles of it. Just as a precaution, you shouldn’t stand directly beside the stove when you use it.

Can confirm that it doesn’t spread :smiley:

It would be cool to see an effect that makes things burn longer in stoves (they are designed for best air-flow usually, so logs and 2x4s would burn longer than the ten minutes they seem to in game.

I was told on iirc that it was hard coded to be a short time event.

It would be nice though. To burn a log and have it last for more then a turn.

a fire indoors what could go wrong. go for it

As it happens, nothing went wrong :smiley: Totally safe.

Also you don’t have to have dirty water in a container to make clean water, as long as you’re near a water source! Woohoo.

Sewage doesn’t count for that. For some reason, the one 2b4 I burned inside a sewage plant burned for waaayyy longer than a normal one. So you can start fires inside at times.

If you can get a wood axe, then logs burn for AGES. You have to relight them from time to time, but they easily burn for hours on end.

still, with the wall cracked open and the floor cleaned up a sewage plant makes for a nice indoor(ish) place to practice ahk and cooking skills at the same time. i lucked out finding some coal and a shovel, so i made a fire pit right next to the sewage water. seems when i get hungry, wolves come to feed me too.

Tested this awhile back-- LMOE stoves are safe for 1 piece of splintered wood-- didn’t test larger quantities. just make sure there’s nothing flammable next to them and IIRC you get a medium-sized fire that lasts a bit longer than normal and not a small one. Smoke is a non-issue, just don’t stand right next to it and you should be fine.

Ovens in any house aren’t though. I assume this is because they’re the gas-type ovens you usually have at home. You could light a fire in them reasonably safely, but I think the game considers that you’re trying to light the oven ON fire-- and hey, if there’s any gas left over in the pipes…

Not entered a cabin yet but apparently cabin fireplaces or stoves can be used safely as well, but again make sure there’s nothing flammable nearby-- and if it lights up the floor, well, I havent visited a cabin yet.

Make sure it’s the cabin oven surrounded by bricks and you should be fine, really.