Ranch bartender spawn

When does the Ranch settlement bartender spawn? I would have thought it would be tied to the Foreman quests - particularly the ones that related to getting the Homebrewer’s guide & sugar - but I have finished the entire chain (up to 30 panes of glass), and they haven’t spawned yet. Did one of the quests misfire, or is it tied to a different chain?

The bartender is supposed to spawn at the start of ranch foreman mission 17, after you accept the mission to collect 30 sheets of glass. If you’ve completed that mission and there isn’t a bartender, that’s misfire on the quest chain.

Have tried using debug menu to give the Foreman the mission again in an attempt to get it to fire properly. Didn’t place bartender. Tried debugging him into the homebrewer’s bible quest and wishing for items, to see if starting a couple quests back would help. Still didn’t spawn anything when I finished those and started the glass quest.

Is there a way to manually spawn that particular NPC in through the debug menu?

You can’t spawn static NPCs through the debug at this time.