Anyway to force the Ranch Quest to guide me to pre-selected location?

Currently, the game wants me to travel across acres of forest to reach the Tacoma Commune, when there’s a Ranch real close by. No matter how often I reset, it won’t go to this other ranch, despite the fact I’ve never set foot on those tiles.

Am I stuck having to hike through the forest whenever I want to do Ranch quests, or is there a solution?

EDIT: Using a Road Map, a solution has presented itself: SET FIRE TO A LARGE AMOUNT OF FOREST.
Won’t be the first time I’ve done this, and certainly won’t be the last.

I saw a post on the Reddit forums where a person didn’t have the ranch spawn, so they used the debug to spawn the ranch, but then there were no NPCs at it. So then they then (and I’m a bit confused about this part) used the debug to add a mission to a NPC, which caused the NPC to spawn in the ranch, I believe.