So what's the deal with NPCs?

New player here, I’ve been trying to figure out the workings of NPC specifics but I can’t find anything recent. I vaguely know how they spawn, but I want to know how specific NPCs work. I found this one group, a family of farmers spread out across a large group of farms. I’ve done two quests for one guy and he gave me a horse, but I want to know if I could maybe recruit some of these guys, or if I have to encounter random NPCs to get companions

For me experience in version 10376 all NPC are now in cabins, abandoned farm and other “safe” locations.
That not always are safe, sometimes they’re surrounded by Z

Does that family happen to be the Isherwood family? If so, those are coded npcs and not random spawns, and I guess they aren’t coded to become companions, but that makes sense, they’re staying where they are in the apocalypse.

Somebody posted earlier on the CDDA Reddit that they were having problems with npc spawn rates and not finding anyone, so if you’ve been traveling some distance and haven’t found any other npcs you’re not the only one.

Yep, it’s the Isherwoods. Sucks that I can’t recruit them, is it worth going down their quest lines though? and I’ve been travelling pretty far, NPC spawn rate scaling factor is at .25 on this world, random NPCs are true, static NPCs are true, all I’ve run into is 3 bandits. Is it really this hard to raise a rag-tag group of wasteland miscreants or am I unlucky and getting cursed with a very niche glitch? Could I get a link to that Reddit post?

I kinda think it’s a good idea that they can’t be recruited. Makes room for quests of them trying to screw each other over bringing in more character interaction and fallout-type quest elements.

Is it worth it? I have no idea lol. They are all coded independently though so you don’t have to worry about them affecting each other.

And no, that’s not normal. People in the thread mention having their spawn rates up much higher and still not finding npcs. If this is a bug it’s a new one.

I posted the link in the last post but in case something weird happened I copied it again here:

Oh I just didn’t see it, lol. And that sucks, I really like this world and character, guess I’ll just see how far I can go with only the first NPC as a companion

This will probably get adjusted within the next week or so lol. But before then you can use the debug menu to spawn some npcs. Go into keybindings and give the debug menu a key and you can spawn npcs from there. To make it not so cheap put your character in a spot where you might find somebody, like after breaking into a store or home and see what weirdo the game gives you lol. Or if you found another evac shelter, spawn a group of npcs. As you’ll see in other threads though, not every npc is worthy of being in your party.

Thanks for the help! I’ll definitely experiment with them.

I fiddled in the world settings and changed the NPC spawnrates up to 50 from .25, needless to say, I have finally found another human being who’s not trying to shoot me!


Edit: Static NPC. Weird mutant bunny farmer.